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Vest & Sew-On Care | Stick-On Item Care | Why Conspicuity?


  • Conspicuity vests are durable & adjustable fitting over any jacket.
  • They can be worn in the rain and clean up with simple soap and water.
  • The heavy mesh and heavy zipper allow for years of use.
  • The prismatic reflective tape is visible daytime and night time.
  • Our vests are lightweight and space-saving as well as customizable.
  • Vests meet military Specs
  • On hot days, the mesh allows airflow to keep you cool!
  • Conspicuity vests are made in the U.S.A.
  • Conspicuity ® Inc. was the first reflective vest made specifically for motorcyclists. Est. in 1978 by an MSF instructor, these vests have earned a reputation for quality and effectiveness

Increased visibility reduces risk!

“75.1% of all motorcycle accidents happen in the daylight and 50.8% occur because the motorcyclist was not seen by the driver who had violated the motorcyclist's right of way.”

(Dr. Hugh H Hurt, USC, LA, "Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures," 1979)



Fluorescence is that unique quality of interaction with ultraviolet light that results in the color leaping out at the viewer, greatly increasing visibility and attracting quick attention. Fluorescence is particularly effective in daylight, and at times of low visibility such as rain, fog, just before sunrise, after sunset, or at dusk.

Retroreflectivity is that quality wherein light rays are reflected back to the light source on paths that are parallel to those striking the reflector.
This quality is essential for nighttime visibility which is achieved without drawing upon the motorcycle electric system. Instead, it borrows the headlight intensity of other vehicles to light up the motorcycle and rider.

Conspicuity tape with BOTH fluorescence and retroreflectivity provides the best of both day and night visibility

Conspicuity colors that are both retroreflective and fluorescent are:

Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent International Orange
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Pink

Colors that are retroreflective only are:

Brilliant Blue
Ruby Red

Daytime Visibility                                                                 Nighttime Visibility




Sew along the margins of the material, taking care not to puncture the envelope. Fold cut ends under and sew. Apply material so that it lies flat and will not be bent. Place on back or front of torso, horizontally or vertically, or around arm or leg. Do not place stripes vertically down the arm or leg; flexion or excess stretching may destroy the integrity of the reflective material.


Road film and bugs may be removed by placing on a flat surface, washing with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent solution, and rinsing with water. Do not dry clean or place in washing machine.


Store garments on hangers, separating the fluorescent and non-fluorescent colors. If it is necessary to fold the material (though folding is not the recommended storage method), separate the folded surfaces with plain paper or cloth, to prevent fluorescent tapes from bleeding onto other tapes when in extended close contact. Store unused product separating the different colors with paper or cloth. Avoid extreme heat.


Thank you for selecting these beautiful, reflective and almost indestructible stick-on products. Stick-on products are guaranteed for one year.

Stick-ons will adhere to any hard, clean surface. Cleaning is best done using denatured alcohol, which will remove waxes, dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc. and evaporate leaving no residue. It is especially important to thoroughly clean NEW helmets etc, which often come from the factory with a protective coating that prevents adhesives from sticking.

Surface should be dry and warm (above 50 degrees Fahrenheit). In cool weather, warm surface with a hair dryer.

For flat surfaces, simply position product, then press firmly into place. For contoured surfaces, warm the stick-ons using a hair dryer for a better fit. Excess stretching of the product adversely affects adhesion and may destroy the integrity of the material. Cutting product allows moisture to enter, destroying reflectivity.

Suggested uses
Cars and trucks: outside and inside of trunk, edges of doors, tailgate.
Motorcycles: fenders, fairings, hard bags, windscreens, helmets.
Bicycles: fenders, helmets.
Home uses: Mailbox, fences, driveway markers, edges for steps, ceiling/joists/doorways
Light switches, wheelchairs. Sports uses: running shoes, roller blades, ski poles, sleds & wagons

Road film and bugs may be removed by washing with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent solution, and rinsing with water.

Store unused product separating different colors with paper or cloth. This prevents the fluorescent products from bleeding onto other products when in extended close contact. Avoid extreme heat.

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